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25 things I tried to do before turning 25

(first published on 1/24/19)

Turning twenty-five terrified me. It meant getting a real job and settling down, becoming stationary, predictable. That's not the case. I've met loads of people who are upwards of a decade or two older than me who find a lovely balance between truly living life with all its wonders and also paying the bills. So, which my excellent fico credit score, I had a quarter life crisis prematurely, as is my nature. This list was always in the back of my head, and while I didn't complete everything, the adventures I went on are one for the books.

Today, on my 25th birthday, I'm making pasta and a new list. The adventure continues.

looking towards my future while a dog shits in the background

January 25th, 2018

11:24 AM

  1. Go skydiving

    1. Aug 10. Best day ever. Truly. Went with nick in santa barbara. So much fun jumping out of a plane, doing flips in the sky. There's so much adrenaline, i wanted to kiss every single person around me.

    2. Oct 6. Paraglided in Ponte Caffaro, Italia. I literally signed no paperwork and received life or death instructions in an unfamiliar language, but it was a beaut. My camera and I were quite content.

  2. Longboard on a long stretch of road

  3. Beekeep or woodwork or ceramic or forge

  4. DP or AD 3 projects

    1. DP M GIRLS -- first experience. Enjoyed it, and by the third day didn’t feel like a fraud

    2. AD LOVE NOT LIKES - pilot

    3. AD WEDNESDAY - short

    4. AD Just One Night - short

  5. Write a book

    1. Jan 22 Editing book of shorts

  6. Float in a sensory deprivation tank

    1. Aug 16 - Magical, beautiful experience, but wasn’t completely mindful of where i was. Focussed on my body too much, what i didn’t like about it.

  7. Do Shrooms

    1. March 29 / 30 Where do i start. The world is such a beautiful place. From mountains that fade into clouds to trees which open up in warm nooks, burnt by fire yet still standing strong.

  8. Catch a fish

  9. Road trip across the states

    1. Aug 17 - sept 1. Left from los angeles, went up to vancouver, cut across through banff, down to glacier park, then minnesota, chicago, nashville, virginia. 15 days of camping, a couple air bnbs, loads of stories.

  10. Skinny dip

    1. Aug 22. Fraser Valley, British Columbia, Canada. I stopped at the tunnels after someone in a grocery store parking lot said they're a sight to see. after walking through these massive old train tunnels, I hiked down to the stream below. There was a little damn, and I figured: now's my chance. Secluded, I stripped and dipped into mountain water run off. Frigid but freeing.

  11. Be naked in the wilderness

    1. Telluride, river goddess remake

  12. See Jazz live

    1. Jason Moran, Nov 9

  13. Get a photo published

    1. Shop in the city magazine, torino

  14. Feed a deer in Nara, Japan

  15. Make a longboard

  16. Get a headstone for Shaun

  17. Run a half marathon

  18. Move

    1. Moved to italy. Sept 18 - Jan 11

  19. Learn to crochet

    1. Jan 23 2019 - learned to knit at sara’s -- i’ll take it! But def not for me.

  20. Finish a book in a day

    1. Jan 17. Devotion by patti Smith. 4 pm - 7 pm

  21. Reach 100% Duolingo

    1. Not completed, but 235 straight days of italian duolingo is something to be celebrated.

  22. Go camping and don’t touch my phone

  23. Make bread

    1. Made bread on sunday, Feb 2! Grinded up whole red winter wheat using an attachment for kitchenaid, waited a whole long time, used molasses and a touch too much flour, but man oh man did it taste amazing. Finally finished up the loaf today, feb 7

    2. Made another loaf Feb 10, but the grinder did not grind fine enough so it was a pretty chunky piece of bread. Tasted good, just dense.

    3. Made sourdough (2 loaves)

  24. Make a fort

    1. Korina and I made a fort in Yucca 3/3/18. We were pretty analytical about it, questioning whether the fan can take that much weight. It ended up being more of a teepee, but fun nonetheless. Hung some fairy lights, cuddled. Very sweet.

  25. Listen to silence

    1. Jan 6, 2019. I sat in an alcove outside of the spanish steps in roma, listening to the footsteps of boots on stone, to the wind, to birds cooing, tires on cobblestone. Silence is an orchestra.

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